HPP #42 - One Night Stand with Lucy Blundell


Visualize this moment in time whilst we paint you a picture. You are out perusing the internet and you strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. You say "ya-ma-to," they say "ya-mo-to," and next thing you know, you wake up in your recording studio at 6 am with a microphone in your face and an empty cup of what was probably coffee once with nothing but a foggy memory of your life choices over the past 8-10 hours to show for it. The real twist? That's kind of a true story.

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe are joined by the indie game developer behind the One Night Stand, the lovely Lucy Blundell. We chat about her games' recent nomination for an Independent Games Festival award, why she should marry her boyfriend and the logistics of milking cows (or people?) on the Nintendo Switch. Top it all off with gratuitous amounts of the late great George Michael and a hot and steamy version of a fan favorite mini-game that we haven't played in a long while and you've got a guilt-free episode on your hands— er, ears? Ears.

BONUS: A Call from Kimishima, The Secret Life of Game Jammers, Boost or Break: ONS Edition
RUNTIME: 49 min