HPP #44 - Inventory


Today's the day. You got a good night's sleep. Your morning smoothie is ready. You printed 3 copies of your resume. You've got your phone. Your keys are in hand. You're wearing your lucky socks, your "hire me" blazer, and Joe Esposito is telling you you're the best around. Today's the day! You're halfway down the highway. Then it hits you. You forgot your pants... Job Hunt Quest Failed. You left a critical piece of equipment in your closet.

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe talk about using the concept of inventory management in gaming to help with the constant struggle to make room for yourself, your job, your friendships, goals, dreams, relationships, health, and aspirations in the real world. You'd never hunt a Rathian without Antidote, so never go job hunting without pants!

BONUS: #POCcasters, The "Blue Suit", Link Up!
RUNTIME: 40 min

Stuff and Things:

There are a lot of great #POCcasters out there and we're proud to be one of them! Shout out to @KevBobbitt for getting this hashtag started and inviting us to participate. Here are the #POCcasters we mentioned in this episode:

Shonen Trash / @shonentrashcast

Zero Suits Podcast Situation@sammusmusic

Let's Talk Weekly / @LetsTalkWeekly

Link Up!

Challenge: Write the first 3 things that come to mind when you think about "Metroid."
Time Limit: 15 seconds

Let's see if we're linked up! Submit your answers to @hppodcast on Twitter with hashtags #linkup #hppodcast. Here are our answers for this episode's challenge:


1. Suit
2. Mother Brain
3. Sammus


1. Varia
2. Freeze
3. Sammus