HPP #40 - With Love, from the Netherlands


A wise person once said, the way to a man's heart is through his abdominal food bag. Turns out that's very much true! In this episode, MasterJoe is joined by the newly engaged gamer couple, Hotsammysliz (in his second appearance on the podcast) and Ms. Marvel! We chat about how their relationship progressed to the big questions, their plan to answer lots of repeat questions at MAGfest, and share some little known facts. For example, did you know that one of us can crochet? Which game does Sammy like better, Sonic Adventure 1 or 2? And what is a Stroopwafel?!

MasterWife was busy working her big girl job and had to sit this one out but we hope you enjoy and miss her presence as much as MasterJoe did :<

BONUS: Crochet Master, MAGfest, Bust-a-doodle
RUNTIME: 42 min



Stuff and Things:

Check out Ms. Marvel's amazing crochet skills!

Check out Ms. Marvel's amazing crochet skills!

MasterJoe's Super Derp 64 Yoshi.

MasterJoe's Super Derp 64 Yoshi.

Bust-A-Doodle: Sonic the Hedgehog

Our second Mario related Bust-A-Doodle! This is the first time we've ever played this particular game on the show with guests. MasterJoe (right) just keeps getting worse and worse every week and below are the much better drawings of Sammy's Mario Trio (bottom left) and Ms. Marvel's Totoro-esque Yoshi. Whose do you like the best?

Want to play along? Take 30 seconds and draw your own doodle and send it to us at @hppodcast on Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #bustadoodle #hppodcast.