HPP #33 - Support Class


Funny thing is, in a episode about support, we didn't even talk about the great Mako Mankanshoku. Anyway, greetings from MasterJoe and Dr. MasterWife! It's been quite a while but the Masters are back in #HPHQ and better than ever. We've had a tough time in the madness but our amazing HPeeps have supported us and we think that's pretty awesome. In fact it's so awesome that we decided to talk about the importance of support.

Life can be pretty challenging sometimes (don't we know). You may have an important test to study for or a big assignment at work to get done. Maybe you're just trying not to get robbed in the Dark Zone in The Division. Just like in video games, when the going gets tough, the tough bring support classes! Healers, engineers, spell casters, more healers! You can always use more healers.

MasterWife discusses her long and arduous journey from graduate student to doctorate degree holder and MasterJoe spouts nonsense while reacting to multiple trigger words and phrases, resulting in a few songs and some movie quotes. Prepare yourselves HPeeps. Support is inbound!

P.S. Never get the airport sandwich.
P.S.S. Sorry this episode is a bit hot on the EQ.

BONUS: Captain Planet, Listener Homework
RUNTIME: 40 min