HPP #39 - Digital Love-mance?

Note: Storytime HPeeps! We recorded this episode last week but before we could upload it, MasterJoe's computer died! The video card went bad so the computer had to be sent in for repair. 3-5 miserable business days later, we have our computer back and are happy to finally release this episode for you all. We hope you enjoy!

Humankind has made lots of improvements over the years. We added motion to pictures, brought color to TVs, and made 2D relationships more appealing than their 3D counterparts. Wait, what? Just what the heck are we going to be talking about here?!

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe are joined by special guest Justin Choe to discuss just what it is that makes 2D characters appealing and how we can use that knowledge to improve our real life relationships. We also sidebar into chatting about the treatment of real-life Japanese women and whether or not Japanese feel that relationships are bothersome. We bet you don't know how to pronounce our special guest's last name!

BONUS: Choe or Choe?, Word of the day: Tsundere, Link Up!
RUNTIME: 48 min