HPP #27 - Happy New Year!


So we learned a thing. When your bank sends you a new debit card right before you take a trip, take it with you so you can activate it, pay you podcast hosting services, and continue to be able to upload episodes! Sorry this one is coming so late. We'd been in Florida having far too much fun. All is well now.

Nevertheless, MasterWife makes her long awaited return to the show! We talk about a foolproof way to keep your New Years Resolutions, our latest co-op game obsessions, the best sushi in South Florida (oh-em-gee, soo-goh-ee), our despair over a recent change at Chick-Fil-A, and what's coming down the pipe for the podcast in 2016!

Also, sorry about the audio. Out of town so we recorded this in a car. 

BONUS: NYE Party, Caution: Student Photographer, #TeamHoneyMustard
RUNTIME: 24 min

South Florida's Best Sushi

Had to post some pictures of this. The food was just too good.