HPP #17 - Run First, Bow Later


Dave Proctor, co-founder of 13AM Games and producer of brand new exclusive Wii U indie title Runbow, comes by HPHQ to talk about how the very first 9-player party platfomer came to be. He also shares why Super Meat Boy and Brutal Legend are two his Top 3 favorite games of all-time. We play a special indie platformer-inspired version of Boost or Break, pick Dave's brain on how he balances work and his marriage, how to successfully run a video game company with your friends or family, and talk about exactly what it is that makes Runbow the most fun way to ruin your friendships since Mario Party 2.

BONUS: Boost or Break, Otis & Annabelle

RUNTIME: 55 min

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Here's that Zelda T-Shirt that MasterJoe mentioned: 

Cute right? 

Cute right? 

Watch this video to learn more about the 1960s monster movie-inpsired platforming trail, the Bowhemoth.

In a test of endurance between MasterJoe and the legendary Bowhemoth, who will emerge victorious? We recorded some footage to answer that very question. Featuring special commentary by MasterWife!

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