HPP #19 - Eustress Or You Stressed?


We were so stressed out last week that we didn't get around to recording an episode, so we thought it was only fitting to make today's episode about how to deal with stress. We enlisted the help of our good friend, RunAshleyRun (@FroHawk_Down), to come to #HPHQ to help us discuss the following questions: What kinds of stress are there? How do they effect us? How do they effect others? How do we as gamers handle stress and what kinds of games are good for relieving stress? Grab your yoga mats and stress balls, heart pieces. Everything is going to be alright. In fact, we're starting to feel better already!

BONUS: Kickstarter Film Festival, The French Whisperer, Teenage Mutant Giant Raisins, Secret Ending

RUNTIME: 1 hour 14 minutes

We talked about:

Eustress vs Distress

The Science Behind Stress

How Gamers Handle Stress

Here are some images of the "Wise Mind" concepts RunAshleyRun mentioned:

This venn diagram illustrates how your Reasonable Mind and your Emotional Mind join forces to form the all-knowing Wise Mind! No Planeteers or power rings required.

The BDT Wise Mind Accepts acronym. Remember, there's no particular order to this, just go with whatever combination of steps works best for you and your own situation. For more information, check out this google search on DBT Wise Mind.

More of a music therapy person? Check this out.

No wonder Link never gets too stressed out. He's always listening to good music!


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