HPP #13 - Cool Party!


Photo by: catchmyparty.com

The only thing better than a party is a game party. In this episode MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss different ways to upgrade your party hosting game! We give tips on how to dress up your party invitations so your guests will want to RSVP (stop using Facebook), break down the science behind choosing who to invite for what, discuss potential places where you can host a party, and give a slew of party ideas to get your creative gears turning. We'll definitely be trying out some of the ideas we came up with in this episode. Ain't no party like a gaming party!

BONUS: Our first iTunes Reviews, La Di Da Di, Spaghetti Boy, Power Juice

RUNTIME: 52 minutes

MasterJoe's Major Heart Piece of the Week: Movie Night!

Now Playing: Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind

Here's a video of the amazing MasterJoe Gamer Show perler that Jehm Faulking made. THANKS JEHM!

This video is super outdated so just disregard all that junk MasterJoe was saying about masterjoegamershow.com and networks and stuff and things.

You can't play with power without Power Juice.

Made of the most powerful blue stuff on Earth

It's Party Time!

Here are the links for some of the party ideas that we mentioned in the show. We hope you get inspired and try some of them out. We know we will!

Perler Party

Sophisticated Cheese And Wine Party

Mario Kart Drinking Game (Don't drink and drive!)

Video Game Inspired Cocktails

Zelda Themed Party Favors

Red And Blue Potion Drinks

Mario Party Character Hats

What ideas can you come up with? Get Creative!

If you throw a party and would like to share your creations with us, send us a photo on Twitter @hppodcast!