HPP #6 - Diary of a Competitive Gamer ft. Paige Turner


The team that plays together stays together. Or do they? Competitive gaming attracts some of the best talent in the gaming community and gives gamers a place to get together and show off. There's certainly a particular camaraderie in the circles of the competitive scenes and bonds can be formed that last a life time. On the other hand, competitive gaming can sometimes bring out the worst in us. We invite our buddy and ex-competitive gamer Paige Turner to the show to talk about her experiences in the competitive FPS scene and about her new show, The Misadventures of Paige Turner.

BONUS: Let's All Go To The Movies, Boost Or Break, Inkopolis Stress Management Center, ENDteam, Q&A

RUNTIME: 1 hour 6 min

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That short-lived Halo Reach team MasterJoe and dinopillow started? You can check out the Facebook page for it by clicking the link below (which for some reason hasn't been deactivated).


Here's some rare footage of MJ (with shotgun) and DP playing Halo Reach in 2010:

Masterjoe116 & Dino Pillow END 2 fools

Sweet footage from the ENDTeam vault.

Posted by ENDTeam on Thursday, September 30, 2010