HPP #8 - Games and Cartoons ft. SAMMUS


There are two things that every gamer can identify with: Games and cartoons. For some, these are merely a hobby; a way to kill time. For others, they're a means of connecting with others and making life just a little bit better. Games and cartoons are a common ground that a large portion of gamers share that not only bring us together, but provide us with opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. In this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with SAMMUS, one of upstate New York's most prolific nerdcore rapper/producer to talk about her passion for games and cartoons and the path her life has taken as a result of her experiences with them. Put on your grown up hats and prepare to be inspired!

BONUS: Boost or Break: Hype Man Edition, Squilliam Cuttlebutt, J.G. Wentworth

RUNTIME: 55:05

Remember that time MasterJoe got to be a (terrible) hype man for Sammus? No? No problem. Someone recorded it:

Listen to Games & Cartoons and Three-Fifths below:

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