HPP #1: Meet the Masters


By the Triforce, we've done it!

This is our inaugural episode! Celebrate with us as we introduce ourselves to you all. In this episode, we share our story of how salsa dancing brought us together, give some shout outs and general advice, and explain how "Gamers of Love" became the Heart Piece Podcast. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and supported our Kickstarter campaign so we could make this podcast a reality. We hope you all enjoy our first episode!

RUNTIME: 50 minutes

LEGAL: MasterWife and MasterJoe are not professionals and do not offer professional advice. All opinions are based on personal experiences and beliefs. This content and all future episodes of the Heart Piece Podcast are not intended to replace or be used as a substitute for professional consultation or service. If you are having a serious relationship issue, seek out the assistance of a licensed professional.