HPP #22 - The Triforce of Mediation


Gamers are incredibly passionate folks, and truth be told, we don't always get along. As much as we love playing games with other people, we can get pretty nasty with each other really quickly. Sometimes feelings get hurt and friendships take critical damage, or worse, crumble completely. How can we avoid this and protect our relationships when our friends go 1-18 in that Halo 5 SWAT match? (Don't lie. We heard the whole thing).

DrewEveryday brings the Drewniverse to #HPHQ and takes us to school on the subject of Transformative Mediation. Keep your notepad handy as we talk about how video game characters can set a practical example for how we can address our real world grievances with each other.

BONUS: What's up with HPP?, Drewniversal Healthcare Services

RUNTIME: 38 min

We talked about:

Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative

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