HPP #20 - A Passion Named Street Car


"Find your passion," they said. Well excuuuuuuse me princess but just how the heck am I suppose to do that?! In this episode we strike up a discussion about passion. What are the things that you would do no matter what? What do you care about? What are your pet peeves? Knowing what you're passionate about becomes way more important the older you get, so if you've been trying to figure it out, this episode is for you. Spoiler alert: you may have already discovered it without knowing!

BONUS: Powerline, Pimp My Loopin Louie, 90s Board Games, #KSFF2015

RUNTIME: 40 min

Our Major Heart Pieces of the Week

Club Nintendo Calendar 2016 sent to MasterJoe by one his amazing Twitch stream Moderators!


The "Passionate Man" and "Passionate Woman" art gifted to us by one of our local listener's mom. Are these classy or what? She thought to give them to us because she said they "reminded her of the Master Couple"


Last but not least, it's Loopin' Louie! This hilarious game was a huge part of MasterJoe's childhood so when he rediscovered it, a trip to Toys R Us immediately followed. Here are some Instagram clips from the adventure.

A video posted by @masterjoe116 on

A video posted by @masterjoe116 on

One chicken in the air for the Looping Louie fans out there.

Want to share your passion with us? Having trouble finding your passion? My my, do tell.

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