[VIDEO] - Our Backer Rewards Are In!

Hey heart pieces! Our Kickstarter backer rewards from came in today! Whoooo!

We're super excited to finally be able to start sending these goodies to you all. We decided to make another unboxing video to share some of that excitement with you lovely folks so we hope you enjoy it! MasterWife even broke away from her science to make an appearance! If you think MasterJoe is goofy on camera, just wait until you see his cuter half in action.


Our stickers just came in today! Huzzah! We're going to get start on packing everything up and send these beautiful rewards out to you all. When you get them, let us know! Take a picture and post it to Twitter to @HPpodcast with the hashtag #HPswag and we'll tell you how rad you are :)

[VIDEO] Equipment Unboxing - part 2

We got another box from Amazon! Actually we received 2 more boxes, and we're pretty sure they contain the rest of our podcasting equipment. If you missed the first unboxing video, you can watch it right here. Enjoy. Oh! Good news everyone. All of the backer rewards, including those lovely mugs, have shipped! They should be getting here by the end of the week so we'll have one more unboxing video for you all then. Until next time, peace out heart pieces!

[VIDEO] Equipment Unboxing - part 1

Hey heart pieces! Some of the equipment we ordered for the podcast just arrived earlier today! Since we love sharing these kinds of behind-the-scenes moments with you all, we thought it'd be fun to make an unboxing video of all the goodies. Hope you enjoy it! We'll be doing Part 2 of this unboxing video when the rest of the equipment arrives and we'll create another unboxing video for the backer rewards when they get here! Woot!