a•part•ment Demo (Long Play)

It's a pretty rare thing to play a game which can only be described as a masterpiece. It's even more rare when said game is about a breakup.

Back in May, MasterWife and MasterJoe caught wind of a Kickstarter campaign for a game about relationships. That game was a•part•ment: a separated place. The Kickstarter has since been fully funded and then some with a full release date sometime in 2016. Since we backed the campaign, we received an extended demo for the game. We played it, it blew our minds, and now we cannot wait for the full release.

We hope you enjoy our long play of the demo! If you'd like to try the demo out for yourself first, which we highly recommend, it is available for PC, Mac, and Linux here:


If you think that was amazing then get this. Later today we'll be chatting with two of the developers of the game, Robyn Gray and Richard Emms, for Monday's episode of the podcast! Here's a little bit about them:

Robyn Gray

Robyn Gray is a co-founder and designer at Otherworld Interactive. She graduated in 2014 from USC's Interactive Media MFA program. She is the lead narrative designer and jack-of-all-trades on a•part•ment, which served as her USC Master's thesis.


Richard Emms

Richard Emms is an Experience Engineer at Oculus VR. Graduating from USC's Interactive Media MFA program in 2014, his master's thesis was on visualization and analysis of interactive systems of play. He is lead designer and lead programmer on a•part•ment.