#mcm - Yoshi

In Keeping with the International Laws of the Internet, every Monday we're going to post our candidate for Man Crush Monday. Today, that's Mr. T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

Why this dinosaur hasn't opened a daycare is beyond us. He's just so good with kids! Look at him in the teachable moment pictured above where he can be seen keeping young Baby Mario entertained while simultaneously demonstrating the optimal method for passing one's bowel movements. Yoshi teaches by example y'all. That's some next level potty training.

Mr. Munchakoopas' style certainly rubbed off on everyone's favorite plumber later on in life. Not only did Mario adopt Yoshi's close-quarters-combat strategy of jumping on enemies to murder— er, defeat them, the future plumber would also adopt a variation of the dinosaur's choice of footwear: the Boot. After all, boots are made for stomping on the heads of your enemies. That's how the song goes, right?

If Yoshi ever does get around to opening a daycare, at least he won't have to design the t-shirt. Someone already took care of that.

Oh, this is our first blog post isn't it? And it's about a green dinosaur that's good with kids. Well gee. Uh. やった!That means "We did it" in Japanese. You're welcome internet. Have some confetti and peace signs:


Maybe our second blog post ever will talk about what the Heart Piece Podcast is all about, or maybe we'll see you all again on Wednesday for #wcw (that's Woman Crush Wednesday, not World Championship Wrestling).

Until next time,
Peace out, heart pieces!